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FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions

Why does washing your car with water scratch your paint?

When you spray your car with water, you remove the majority of visible dirt and grime, but leave behind a thin layer of dirt on the surface. When you rub a chamois or sponge over your car’s paint, you grind the remaining dirt into the paint, thus creating what is called “feather scratches”.

Why doesn't Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash scratch the paint when applied over a moderately dirty car?

Autoshine Waterless Dry Car Wash contains special polymers and lubricating agents, as well as the finest carnauba wax to ensure it does not scratch anything. When sprayed over dirt and grime, the emulsifying agents encapsulate the dirt, and create a protective barrier. This is why you can wipe off the dirt without scratching or streaking your painted surfaces.

Can you use Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash on glass?

Yes, you can. Some "so-called" waterless products tell you not to use it on glass because it will streak it. That is not the case with Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash.

Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash can also take the place of many household cleaners and polishes. Window panes, chrome, brass, mirrors, aluminium, and black or anodized surfaces are just a sample of the many uses you can use this truly incredible and futuristic product on.

What is the Autoshine 100% money back guarantee?

Autoshine has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you think we have misguided the overall performance of our product, simply return the bottle of Autoshine to us to receive a full refund of your purchase price minus freight charges of course.

We however can not be responsible for the individual misuse of our product and if used as per the instructed methods, you will achieve the best results.

If my car is totally soiled with dirt, will Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash still work?

We ask that you use your common sense and if your car has grime that is heavily deposited on the surface, that your rinse your vehicle before applying the special Autoshine formula.

Ensure that the car is dry upon application, as water mixed to the application will make it harder to remove with your buffing cloth and potentially leave streaks.

How long will a bottle of Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash last?

On an average size car, a bottle of Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash will last for over 3 months, if you wash your car every fortnight. That represents amazing value and you get to save water and your water bill at the same time!

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