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“When I was told you actually don’t use any water to wash your car, I laughed! I really must say a big thank you to the guys at Autoshine for gaining my trust and teaching me the effects of washing my car with traditional methods. The results of the product were beyond expectations. Truly amazing!
Dinesh Behl

“I was given a free demo of the product on my car and I was extremely sceptical
about its application. They cleaned my car in 20 minutes and the look and feel of the
paint was simply mind blowing. To think you don’t use a single drop of water, especially
when water restrictions are so tight in our area."

Kellie Murphy
Gold Coast

“Didn’t believe it all when my friend showed me a bottle of Autoshine Liquid Dry Wash . I honestly didn’t believe you could dry wash a car! The instructions were very easy to follow and the website also offered a 100% money back guarantee which I liked, not knowing anything about the product. The results speak for themselves.”
David Pacheco

What can I say - this stuff is great! It only takes a small amount of solution to clean your car and you simply wipe it on and wipe it off and it doesn’t even scratch your car one bit. I have a lot pride in my car and it hasn’t looked this good in a long time.”
Darren Perera

“I didn’t want the demo guys to touch my car at all, who would think it would be possible to clean your car not using a single drop of water? I worked out it costs roughly about $3 per clean. A big saving from using a traditional car wash. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and water at the same time.”
Naomi Keogh
Gold Coast

“A brilliant clean and polish in one! Well done Autoshine, you’ve won me as a life long customer! Great to also see you are committed to water conservation on a national level with many leading Authorities. Such an easy to use product, your hardest task will be winning the sceptics!”
Matt Rowe

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